Monday Moments Of Me #220

May 03, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
May 2020

This year has been going pretty quickly BUT with everything practically at a halt since mid March due to the Corona/Covid-19 pandemic, quarantine life is sllooowwww. So many businesses have shut down or have had to change to be within the Covid-19 guidelines. Not all businesses will make it through this unfortunately. It has been so crazy witnessing everything going on from the way we have to grocery shop, not seeing family/friends, trying to find toilet paper haha, the sudden pause of income and no weddings to photograph.
I was doing well for about 3 weeks enjoying catching up on home projects, cooking, spending more time outdoors and binge watching tv shows and movies.... and now I am going nuts. No work, told to stay home and no sign of when to see that we are going back to normal. This has been really rough on the economy and everyone I know. Even the ones I know that are fortunate enough to still be working, this has been HARD!!!!!!!!!!

I am however grateful and blessed that I had savings, food storage for me and my fur-babies and have been able to slow down and brush up on cooking skills, learn new exercise routines, spend more time with my fur-babies and have more meaningful conversations via phone with friends/family. It has been a time to reflect and renew but now.....

Let's get back to the normal!
Please and Thank You.

I was impressed with myself for Easter Dinner :)

Smoked stuffed bell peppers. mmmm

A little yard work...hehe

This is how we chill. LOL


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