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cell-omatic-ographycell-omatic-ographywedding photos and wedding videos captured on your phone
Imagine getting in your getaway car after your amazing wedding day and being able to open up an album of photos and videos on YOUR phone of candid moments, behind the scenes content, ceremony photos/videos, coverage of you getting professional photos, your first dance, family & friends laughing during the toasts and mom wiping away tears, Grandma on the dance floor, the cake cut...These are memories you want to look back on but most importantly have coverage of...immediately! It is priceless being able to SEE so many images from your day but also to HEAR the music that was played, hear your dad giving you away and hear your spouse laugh with friends while visiting their diner table.


Other benefits are having content to post on social media the next day, being able to send friends a photo we caught of them on the dance floor but best of all? This is all available NOW, you do not have to wait for friends and family to send you what they got photos of or beg them to. 


Let all your friends and family be in the moment and enjoy your day fully, not worrying about having their phone out and taking blurry or crooked photos. Let us document all your memories of the big day. Think of us as your personal paparazzi!

Wedding-Content-CreationWedding Content Creation and BTS, wedding photos and videos

We have an eye for detail, catching moments you do not want missed, keeping an eye on the timeline and seamlessly working with other vendors.


We love capturing all the moments that will be memories lasting a lifetime! Memories are so important and having an entire gallery on your phone as soon as after the sparkler exit/bubble exit/last dance of so many photos and videos AND having them immediately accessible is a must have. Who does not love instant gratification?!


Plus, while waiting for the professional images/video to be delivered you have so much to look back on and relive your best day ever!